14. Making our way to Normal, IL… and back home.

I think we all were asleep by 8:00 on Monday night. We got up the next morning to rain and colder weather so I was happy to be migrating back to the South. Instead of traveling through insane back county highways, we went straight to Madison and dropped down from there. We made a stop at the wind farms in Illinois for dad to get his shots.Below are some that Q took while dad was out and about in corn fields.

After that we completed our Ben Folds “Effington” tour with a stop in Normal, IL.

And then the people who live in Normal
Can buy the movies that I’ll make in Effington
That’s what Normal people do
Do Normal people do it too?
Normal people do it, people do it, people do it

Finally, we took a picture of Dad in front of the Circle K in Normal, IL. He works at the one in Nashville and wanted to show off what a “Normal Circle K” was like. Oh, dad jokes.

Our last stop of the trip was in Campaign, IL for lunch at Seven Saints. I would highly recommend this place. It was a little hard to find, but the food was great.

After that we headed for Nashville as quickly as possible. I think this will remain one of our best road trips for years to come.



DSC00947 (2).JPG




20160913_133555 (1).jpg


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