13. Trolls and Giant Pretzels

Next we headed out to the “Troll Capitol of the World.” Sadly, we were so off schedule at this point that we didn’t arrive in  Mount Horeb, Wisconsin until after the visitor’s center had already closed for the day. This made it particularly difficult to figure out where all of the trolls were.

I had also planned for this to be our dinner location but because we had eaten lunch so late, no one was extremely hungry. We were mostly thirsty and in need of some resting time. If you know me well, being this far off my schedule had already put me in a tizzy – I was mad that we wouldn’t be eating dinner at The Grumpy Troll. However, I needed a bathroom break and this restaurant seemed to be the only place open, so we went inside anyway.

My husband, in his infinite wisdom when it comes to the topic of me, ordered the thing I had been talking about the entire trip while I was away from the table: the “Uff Da” 1.5 lb pretzel served with three different dipping sauces. BEST PRETZEL I HAVE EVER EATEN. It was just enough food to tie us over for the evening and gave us a chance to get some water (and locally made root beer) before finishing the last leg of the day.


Honestly, almost every business in town has a troll in their yard. It is just easier to find them all with the map. Leaving the restaurant, we found a few to grab some pictures of before heading back to the hotel.












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