8. The Throne of Passion is a harsh judge.

So at this point we have been in House on the Rock for about 3.5 hours, but we still haven’t seen a sign or had our tickets stamped for Section 3. We assume it is close, but still start increasing our pace in order to stay sort of on schedule for the day.

After you stare into the faces of giant sea creatures for awhile, you come to a giant room filled with random stuff. It is possibly an extension of the Streets of Yesterday.

The best part of this room: The smell food after being trapped in an acid trip maze for almost 4 hours.

We used a couple more tokens to have the Throne of Passion judge us. Quentin got “Brain Dead” and I got “Dud”. I guess that make us a good match? Sadly, we ran out of tokens at this point and Dad was unable to sit in the throne and be judged. Probably for the best.

The good news was that there was a restaurant in this area so we could stop and take a break. We grabbed some drinks and a cookie to split but were informed we were only HALFWAY through the tour. At this point, I am ready to bolt out of the emergency exits but Dad and Quentin are as cool and laid back as they always are. We take our break and get up to hit round 2.

For those who read this that are fans of the book, the order of attraction appearances is a bit messed up. The pizzeria-cafeteria where we meet Mr. Nancy comes before the Mikado room where we meet Czernobog.










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