9. The Music of Yesterday: The Magnificent Machines of a Magnificent Era

We found a token machine and purchased 4 more coins for the next section. This part of the tour is particularly fun to explore with other groups of people so you can crowd-source your coins. It takes one coin to play the large music machines, but there is room for everyone to enjoy the music. If you manage to get a good group of tourists, everyone will travel as a bit of a herd and play the machines one at a time so the music does not overlap… they are extremely loud and can be heard from several rooms away.

There are probably 20 different rooms with different music machines in this area. It is REALLY hard to pick just one, especially when I was running around trying to remember which one Shadow used his coin for.

I made videos of a few of the music machines and have put them on YouTube for you to hear.

This is the Mikado room, where we meet Czernobog. There is a bench in this room for people to sit and just take in the strangeness. Here is the video from this room.


I thought this one was particularly aesthetically beautiful. The music was okay. Here is the video.


And finally, the room where (I think) Shadow dropped one of the coins and experienced the madness. Here is the video, playing Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky. Naturally, I couldn’t resist.



And, just because, here is a room full of airplanes. Man, I love Mr. Jordan.



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