2. Effington could be a wonderful effing place.

Quentin is a huge Ben Folds fan. I have become a Ben Folds fan over time, but still can’t compete with Q’s fan level. Ben wrote “Effington” at a concert in Normal, IL while he was on stage, thus the mistake of “Effington” instead of “Effingham”. It is just one example of how extremely talented Ben Folds is as an artist.

There was ZERO chance we could pass through Illinois without stopping for a picture with a sign for Effingham, IL. Turns out, that’s harder to Google directions for than I thought it would be. Fortunately, our waitress at The Gabby Goat asked around while we were eating and found us the perfect spot for our picture. She made some of our road trip dreams come true. Thanks, Kendra! Also, if you are ever in Effingham, I would highly recommend eating at the Gabby Goat.


My dad (pictured here beside me) came with us. He truly looks thrilled to be here in Effingham.

For friends that are interested, check out the song here.

Effington could be a wonderful effing place
I can see it from the highway and I’m wondering
Are they effing in their yards?
Effing in their cars?
Effing in the trailers in the back roads and the parking lots
Of Effington? Making my way to Normal, Illinois.

Maybe I should ditch this little white rental on the interstate,
Start a new effing life in Effington.
I could change my name, grow a beard, start a family
Or I could just keep on moving on, moving on, moving on, moving on
And not stop ’til I get to Normal.

Rockmen Guardians

Next we made our way to Rockford, IL. At this point I was starting to feel the grump coming on, especially when the directions to the location were not clear. I guess my adventure tolerance had hit zero. Regardless, the two men who love me most were patient with me and we made it to the Rockmen Guardians. The Rockmen Guardians were made of granite boulders in 1987 by sculptor Terese Agnew. They are on a bike/walk greenway type area along the river. It was a GORGEOUS day.









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